Behind the Beans

The Team

Kristy-Lee and Luke

Coffee enthusiasts and North Queensland professionals Luke and KL share a life together that is as deep and rich as their favourite brew. The dynamic duo saw an entrepreneurial opportunity to wrap coffee appreciation, innovative technology, local products, and sustainable practices with their foundations in professional service to bring something new and authentic to their home region of North Queensland. All of this under the banner of 'COFFEE YOUR WAY, PRESTO!'

With a vision to bring coffee your way to the community, from casual home brewers to busy offices and bustling cafes, Coffee Presto focuses on providing quality to everything coffee.  

They are purveyors of locally roasted beans, quality local condiments and state-of-the-art professional coffee machines, all complemented by professional service and a strong focus on sustainability.

Luke is a respected businessman and board director with an expansive background in business growth and restructuring in many industries. He understands the complexities of North Queenslanders. 

 His experience spans accounting, farming, property and development, disability services, health, wellbeing, and hospitality, with a core focus on speciality coffee. He believes strongly in sourcing the highest quality products from sustainable practices.

Meanwhile, Kristy-Lee (KL), with an extensive nursing background, has an undeniable knack for connecting with people. Her customer relations and desire for unique culinary experiences have perfectly positioned her to spread the message of quality coffee across North Queensland and beyond.

In searching for quality, transparent and sustainable practices, every product at Presto undergoes a rigorous verification process.

Just because something is labelled Australian-made is not good enough for Coffee Presto. Luke & KL research the heart of every product to ensure that, where possible, it is Australian 'Made,' Australian 'Grown,' and Australian 'Owned.'

Coffee Presto pledges to source ingredients and products from North Queensland; if not, they are sourced from within Australia. Luke, a dual-citizen of Australia and Italy, pays homage to his heritage through the Italian-inspired name 'Presto' and by sourcing the finest coffee machinery with hand-crafted Italian components.

Luke and KL's shared vision is to create a business that doesn't just specialise in coffee but celebrates every part of the industry. They have created their own range of locally roasted beans and use their business acumen to elevate other locally made coffee accompaniments to meet the needs of North Queenslanders.

With their customers' ongoing support and insight, Luke and KL will continue expanding their product range.

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