Our Community

North Queensland is abundant in quality products.

We elevate the best local producers through strong partnerships and showcase their products alongside our coffee range.

From Mungalli Creek and Misty Mountain milk from The Tablelands, Stellar Syrups made in Townsville using locally grown sugarcane and honey from Hinchinbrook, we strive to support local.

If we are unable to source a product in North Queensland or the product does not meet our quality standards, we look to fellow Queenslanders or Australia in general for the best fit. For example, Alternative Dairy has impressed us by using Australian “Grown” Products, “Made” in Australia by an Australian “Owned” company specifically for baristas to use.

Coffee impacts our community each day. Whether it’s the first thing you reach for in the morning, that pick-me-up after the school drop-off or on your way to work, that business meeting, or catch-up with friends and family. We aim to be there to ensure you can have that coffee your way, knowing that we use the best locally sourced products available.

We support our wholesale customers to do the same. (To apply to be a wholesale partner, click here.)