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The Tea Centre

The Tea Centre Blooming Tea Set (4 Pack)

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The Blooming Tea Tin sounds like a delightful and visually stunning addition to any tea lover's collection. Let's break down the key features and benefits of this product:

  1. Variety of Flavours: The Blooming Tea Tin offers a selection of four luxurious tea balls with different flavours, including Peach Petal, Rose Garden, Marigold Blossom, and Daisy Chain. This variety allows for different taste experiences.

  2. Handwoven Tea Balls: The tea balls are carefully handwoven, incorporating green tea, silk, and real flowers. This craftsmanship adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the tea.

  3. Brewing Experience: One of the most captivating aspects of these tea balls is the visual experience they provide when infused in a glass teapot. Watching the tea ball bloom into a beautiful flower is a treat for the senses and makes for a great conversation starter at tea parties.

  4. Floral Fragrance: The infusion process not only provides a visual spectacle but also results in a delicately flavoured brew with a strong floral fragrance. This sensory experience enhances the enjoyment of the tea.

  5. How to Use: The artisan tea balls are easy to prepare. Simply place one in a cup or a glass teapot, pour in hot water (at 80°C), and watch the tea ball transform within 5-8 minutes. This simplicity makes it accessible for all tea enthusiasts.

  6. Gifting Option: The Blooming Tea Tin comes in an exquisite gift box, making it a great option as a gift for tea lovers. It's described as the perfect stocking filler, so it's ideal for special occasions and celebrations.

  7. Expanding Options: The product suggests trying other unique brews from The Tea Centre, including Jasmine Downy Pearls, Bohemian Blue tea, and popped rice genmaicha. This encourages customers to explore a wider range of tea varieties.

Overall, the Blooming Tea Tin offers a combination of aesthetic appeal, sensory delight, and convenience. It's not just a tea but an experience, and it provides a glimpse into the world of blooming tea. The inclusion of other tea options from The Tea Centre expands the possibilities for tea enthusiasts to discover more intriguing flavours.

Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free
Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free
Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free

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