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Proper care and maintenance of your coffee machine are essential for ensuring the best coffee quality every time you brew. JURA coffee machines are designed to make this process as easy as possible, thanks to a maintenance-free brewing unit that can clean itself at the press of a button.

One of the key aspects of maintaining your coffee machine is the use of JURA's original cleaning tablets, which have been tried and tested millions of times and are continually improved by their laboratory team. The newest iteration, the 3-phase cleaning tablet, represents the result of intensive research and offers even better results. Here's a breakdown of what the 3-phase cleaning tablet provides:

  1. Cleaning Phase: The initial cleaning phase of the tablet helps remove coffee residues and oils that can accumulate in the coffee machine. This phase ensures that your machine's components are clean and ready for the next brew.

  2. Care Phase: The care phase goes beyond mere cleaning. It helps maintain the machine's internal components, including the brewing unit, to ensure long-term performance and functionality.

  3. Protection Phase: What sets the 3-phase cleaning tablet apart is the added protection phase. This phase helps guard against mineral deposits that can build up over time due to the use of hard water. By preventing these deposits, it prolongs the life of your coffee machine and maintains the quality of your coffee.

Using JURA's 3-phase cleaning tablets is not only effective in maintaining your coffee machine but also convenient. The one-touch operation makes it easy to keep your machine in top condition, ensuring that you consistently enjoy high-quality coffee.

In summary, the combination of proper cleaning, care, and protection is key to ensuring that your JURA coffee machine continues to deliver excellent coffee quality every time you use it. The 3-phase cleaning tablet is a valuable tool in this process, offering not only cleaning but also care and protection against mineral deposits.

Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free
Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free
Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free

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