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JURA's 2-phase descaling tablets, emphasizing the importance of addressing scale build-up in automatic coffee machines. Here's a summary of the key points:

  1. Scale as the Primary Challenge: The passage begins by underscoring that scale, caused by the accumulation of mineral deposits, is a major adversary for automatic coffee machines. Scale can negatively impact the machine's performance and longevity.

  2. 2-Phase Descaling Tablet: JURA has developed a special descaling tablet designed to address this scale issue. This tablet is a 2-phase solution, aiming to remove scale while also protecting the coffee machine.

  3. Optimized Dissolving Time: The descaling tablet has an optimized dissolving time, ensuring efficient removal of scale and delivering long-lasting results.

  4. Two Phases of Descaling: The descaling operation involves two phases:

    • Phase one: This phase carefully and effectively removes all scale residue from the coffee machine.
    • Phase two: This phase seals the fluid system and provides long-term corrosion protection for the machine's pipes and thermoblock, thus ensuring the coffee machine's durability.
  5. Guarantee of Hygiene and Protection: The passage emphasizes that only JURA's original descaling tablets can ensure complete hygiene and protection for the coffee machine. These tablets are formulated specifically to match the processes and materials used in JURA automatic machines.

  6. Phosphate-Free Formula: JURA is environmentally conscious and has chosen not to include phosphates in their original descaling tablets. This phosphate-free formula not only guarantees TÜV-certified hygiene but also reflects the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. The formula maintains the environment while delivering high-quality coffee results.

In summary, JURA's 2-phase descaling tablets are designed to effectively address scale issues in automatic coffee machines. They remove scale while protecting the machine's components, and their phosphate-free formula aligns with JURA's environmentally responsible approach to delivering the perfect coffee experience.

Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free
Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free
Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free

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