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The CLARIS Smart+ water filter from JURA offers a range of features and benefits to enhance your coffee experience. Here's a summary of its key advantages:

  1. Water Quality: Given that coffee is primarily composed of water (98%), using high-quality water is essential to achieving the best coffee flavour. CLARIS Smart+ ensures that the water used is of the highest quality.

  2. Hygiene and Protection: This water filter technology improves hygiene within the coffee machine, starting from the water tank. It enhances protection, product safety, and the service life of your coffee machine, ensuring a consistently perfect cup of coffee.

  3. Limescale Reduction: The CLARIS filter cartridge contains a capsule of natural active ingredients at its lower end, which stabilizes the water in the tank and reduces limescale deposits. This is achieved through the natural movement of water, requiring no additional energy or special mechanisms.

  4. Up-Flow Filtration: The upper part of the CLARIS filter cartridge employs ion exchange and active carbon with the up-flow principle to filter precisely the right amount of water for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

  5. RFID Technology: The machine uses RFID technology to recognize the filter and automatically activate the appropriate mode. It also tracks filter usage and alerts the user when the filter capacity is exhausted, ensuring optimal effectiveness.

  6. Improved Hygiene and Cleanliness: The integration of a capsule with natural active ingredients enhances the professional up-flow principle, resulting in less limescale and maximum cleanliness in the water tank.

  7. Suitable for All Water Types: The filter cartridges are suitable for use with various types of mains water from around the world. They efficiently filter calcium carbonate, even in areas with low water hardness, and reduce harmful and flavour-impairing substances like chlorine.

  8. Automatic Filter Detection: The coffee machine communicates with the filter through RFID technology. It automatically switches to filter mode when a filter is inserted, initiates the rinsing process, and prompts the user to change the filter when it's nearly used up. If the filter is not replaced, the machine activates descaling mode.

  9. Set of Three Filters: JURA offers a set of three filters at an attractive special price, making it easy for users to enjoy the benefits of CLARIS Smart+.

Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free
Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free
Buy nine 1kg bags and get your tenth free

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